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No Sweat DermaDry


  • Come with the area to be treated clean.

  • If you will be treating your underarms, please avoid using underarm products prior to treatment 



  • Irritation, skin reddening, burning sensation, small blisters, and itching. If you experience any of these symptoms, schedule your next treatment after your skin recovers and discuss your skin reaction with the nurse at your next treatment to avoid a recurrence

  • Temporary tingling/stinging sensation or muscle numbness may occur

  • Slight pain could be felt at the beginning of the treatment or after the alternating polarity sequence

  • Increased sweating: After the first few treatments, you may experience an increase in sweating. This symptom will subside after a few treatments.

  • Skin dryness: Skin may become dry, small lesions or scaling may occur. To reduce these symptoms, use a moisturizing cream after treatment.  

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