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RF MicroNeedle

Collagen | Elastin | Shrinks Pores | Scars

Advanced treatment using gold tipped needles and radio frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin.  Helps erase fine lines and generates plump, supple skin.  Also good to reduce scars and acne marks.

30-min per body part   -   Monthly

2-3 days of mild redness post

4 consecutive recommended

Quarterly Maintenance

Our Technology

We help you in the fight against sun, time and gravity with the latest technology sourced from Europe, Asia and the United States.

Virtue RF is the newest generation of radio frequency MicroNeedle, FDA-clearance for your safety. Designed to maximize patient’s experience, comfort and efficacy, Virtue RF boasts advanced precision, ergonomic, safety and treatment delivery features.  Virtue RF is manufactured by the global leader in RF MicroNeedle technology.


What People Are Saying

Metal Sprinkles Edited_edited.jpg

"I had micro-needling done to my face and am very happy with the results! My procedure went very smoothly; my nurse applied a numbing cream to my face so minimize any discomfort, it mostly tickled when the needling was done to my forehead. After the micro-needling I had a very nice cooling/moisturize mask done.. I literally had no redness to my face afterwards. "

Elisa B. on Yelp!

Metal Sprinkles Edited_edited.jpg

All around great experience.  They have the latest technology.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  The value compared to others is uncanny!

Sean I. on Google

Metal Sprinkles Edited_edited.jpg

My MicroNeedling and Cool Peel procedures were done by Kat, she was very knowledgeable and thorough when explaining the procedures to me, so I knew exactly what to expect.  Before we got started, we had a consultation where we went over my specific skin concerns and she answered all the questions I had.

Enli L. on Yelp!

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