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Summary of Changes

Effective 3-1-23

Dear Member, 


As MO closes out its first year, this unique MedSpa model is providing an incredible number of treatments, beautiful skin and tighter bodies to the members. To provide members even greater value in the 2nd year, MO has been busy building a new 24/7 online Member Portal, building our medical team and implementing an improved training system.  


Over this first year, members' comments and requests have been logged and reviewed. Member input and the new MO Member Portal have guided the changes below.  These changes have been made to clarify policy, provide easier to understand system rules and to maintain amazing value for MO Members. There is NO CHANGE to your monthly membership fee. The summary below explains the changes. If you would like any further information, please ask a team member while you are in the MedSpa.   


The complete Terms and Conditions are available here. Please review them to ensure you are clearly informed of the updates. You may notice that many of the changes are a result of the feedback that has been received from each of you. 


Following is a summary of the updates:

New MO website:

  • New treatment resource library

  • Easy sign-up portal for friends and family

  • Amazing Member value-price comparison 

  • New Membership details

  • Real-time social media interaction

New MO Member Portal Home page

with icons and simple navigation

(Take a sneak peek here)

  • Review available appointments by Day, Type or Time 

  • Quick view and access to credits on your account for MicroNeedle, Botox and Extra Appointments

  • Easy navigation to Upcoming Treatments and Past Treatments

  • Quickly order Elta MD at 30% member discount

  • One touch to change Membership 

  • Add or change credit card 


Easy scheduling and paying for Botox

Members will now consult with their Botox treatment provider before finalizing the number of units needed.  Members will now pay at the time of the Botox treatment.  While booking the Botox appointment, a button to Estimate Botox is available to provide insight for the members. 


All memberships are billed on the 1st of each month and provided treatments during that calendar month

Only full-month memberships are available. Monthly memberships provide treatments during that calendar month. No contracts. Cancel anytime. 


Changing Membership Levels

The process of changing membership levels is clarified below:

  • Upgrades - if you are changing your membership to a more comprehensive plan with a higher monthly cost, this will take effect immediately and you can begin booking new appointments right away. You will be charged a PRORATED amount for the remainder of the current month. 

  • Downgrades - if you are changing your membership to a less comprehensive plan with a lower monthly cost, this will take effect at the beginning of the next month. This means that you will keep your current membership level until the end of the month and will be billed for the new amount at the beginning of the next month. All appointments that you have scheduled during that next month will be automatically canceled. Don’t worry though, you will be able to reschedule them according to your new membership level immediately! This is to prevent conflicts in your Member Portal. 

  • NOTE: Members changing Membership Levels from Unlimited to Select 8 or Select 8 to Unlimited will take effect at the beginning of the next month. 


Canceling Your Membership 

The new Cancellation Policy strives to be much simpler and fair for all members.

If a Member wishes to cancel, they can do so at any time and their membership will automatically terminate at the end of that month. As the member has already paid for the entire month’s membership, they will continue to have access to treatments at their most recent current membership level until the end of that month. Any returning cancelled member will need to pay a $299 reactivation fee. 


Pausing Your Membership 

To continually provide MO's amazing value with a fully trained staff and top MedSpa devices, it is necessary to eliminate Membership Pauses. Members will no longer be able to Pause their Membership. This allows a greater predictability of treatment demand so that the MedSpa is always adequately staffed. In place of pausing, there is no change fee for a Member to downgrade to a lower cost membership level for a month or two while their schedule is busier, then upgrade again when their schedule frees up.


Additional Treatment Fees 

For Members that may want an appointment or two more than their membership level allows, MO Members only pay $199 for any additional treatment. Same price for any treatment. At another MedSpa the same treatments would be $500-$1,000.  


MicroNeedle Cartridges 

Each Member receives 2 free MicroNeedle cartridges starting Sept 1, 2022. To keep membership prices so low, it is necessary to cover the cost of the gold-tipped MicroNeedle cartridges that are specific to the advanced MicroNeedle device.  When you schedule a MicroNeedle treatment, the system will alert you to this cost.  If there are no MicroNeedle cartridges on account for the member, they will be prompted to authorize the charge to their card on account.  This cost is $90 per MicroNeedle cartridge, compared against $800-$1000 for a MicroNeedle treatment at another MedSpa with the same device.  


Making things clearer - we’ve adjusted the overall look of the Terms and Conditions for easier readability. 





If I cancel my membership early in the month, for example on the 2nd of the month, can I be reimbursed for that month’s membership fee?

No, the membership fee provides access to MO facilities and treatments for the entire month. MO MedSpa is able to offer a large variety of treatments to our Members at a fraction of the cost of what you’d have to pay at other MedSpas. We love that we are able to offer this to you and want to be able to continue to do so, so we cannot offer any refunds.​

I just found out I am unable to continue treatment due to a medical concern or pregnancy. Can I cancel my membership and be refunded?

You can cancel your membership at any time. There is no contract. However, there are no partial month refunds. We do recommend that you consult with our trained treatment providers for treatments that you’re able to enjoy.  MO MedSpa is able to offer a large variety of treatments to our Members at a fraction of the cost of what you’d have to pay at other MedSpas. 


I’m going to be out of the country for the last 2 weeks of the month. Can I only pay part of the membership fee since I won’t be able to use the full month?

Each MO Membership covers the entire month, there are no partial month memberships.  However, you have full MO Member Portal access to schedule all of your treatments during the two weeks you are home.  The MO Member Portal offers unparalleled 24/7 access so each member has the ability to set their treatment schedule weeks in advance, or change to different membership levels with no change fee.  With members controlling the schedule and their membership accounts, they can use the MO Member Portal to plan ahead. 


If I downgrade on the 2nd of the month, can I be reimbursed for part of that month’s membership fee?

No, MO MedSpa only has full-month memberships. Your current membership level, and its benefits, will remain until the end of the month. Your new membership level will take effect at the beginning of the next month. MO MedSpa offers a large variety of treatments to our Members at a fraction of the cost of what you’d have to pay at other MedSpas. 


If I cancel my membership, will I have to pay for the activation fee again?

If a Member cancels their membership but reactivates again within the same month, they will not be required to pay a Re-activation fee. However, if a member cancels their membership and waits until the following month or later to reactivate, they will be charged a new activation fee of $299. 

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