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Terms And Conditions


These terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) govern your use of our online interfaces and properties (e.g., websites and the member portal) owned and controlled by Members Only MedSpa, LLC (the “COMPANY”), including the website and the Member Portal “MO Portal” (the “Site”), as well as the services (“Services”) available to users through the Site. The professional aesthetic services are referred to in this Terms of Use as the “Services”. The terms “member”, “you” and “your” means you, your dependent(s) if any, and any other person accessing your Members Only MedSpa, LLC information.


Your acceptance of, and compliance with, these Terms is a condition to your use of the Site and Services. By clicking “accept”, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted all terms and conditions contained within these Terms and the Notice of Privacy Practices. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not authorized to access or use this Site or Services. Please exit this Site immediately.

Notice of Privacy Practices


You agree that information provided by you in connection with the Services and Site shall be governed by the Notice of Privacy Practices, which is hereby incorporated and made a part of this Agreement.

Initial Assessment Notice


You will be attended to by a state licensed registered nurse who will perform a face and body assessment, check your general medical conditions, ask about any medications you are presently taking, and discuss with you the specific concern(s) for which you have contacted the MedSpa. PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR RESPONSES. OUR STAFF NEEDS ACCURATE INFORMATION IN ORDER TO ENSURE SAFE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR TREATMENTS.


If your questions are outside the scope of practice of Members Only MedSpa, LLC, it will be recommended that you seek evaluation with a local medical provider.

In an emergency situation, the staff members of the COMPANY reserve the right to contact local emergency response personnel to have you evaluated in person. Members Only MedSpa, LLC will not be responsible for any resulting fees.



Billing and Payment Agreement

You agree to provide through the member portal, and to keep on record, valid credit card information for automatic and incidental payments of services and items; including, but not limited to, the following:


A.Member activation fee

B.Monthly membership fee

C.Purchased products

D.Purchased a la carte treatments not included in your monthly membership


The monthly membership fee will be automatically charged to the credit card you have provided for the amount that reflects the membership level you have selected.


Products and additional services/treatments purchased will be charged to the credit card on file immediately upon confirmation of the purchase by the member through the portal.

When changing membership levels, for any membership upgrades the change is made immediately upon confirmation of the change by the member through the portal. The new membership fee is then charged at the next billing cycle and will be automatically charged monthly thereafter.


Pausing membership can be done twice per calendar year. Pausing membership means the Member will not be billed their monthly membership and they will not schedule an appointment during a paused month. Pausing membership is done through the Member portal by the Members themselves and must be done prior to the start of the new month. If the Member schedules an appointment during a paused month, that appointment cancels the pause and the Member will be billed for that month. Should the Member change their mind and wishes to cancel the pause, they will simply need to schedule an appointment to cancel the pause.

Cancellation Policy and Agreement


This Agreement will commence on the date signed below. Member acknowledges review of the Member Billing Practices (Billing) and agrees to all of its terms. Members Only MedSpa, LLC (COMPANY) shall have the absolute and unconditional right to terminate the Agreement, without the showing of any cause for termination, with or without notice. Member may, upon giving 30 days prior documented notice to the other party, terminate their membership. Member’s termination request must be submitted through the Member Portal. Upon submitting the termination request, member agrees to be billed, and to pay, for one additional and final month of membership; during which time the member may continue to receive services in accordance with the agreement and membership level. In the event of termination of membership, any and all costs associated with the past and all serviceable months, including the month during which termination is finalized will not be refunded. In the event the Member is in arrears of payment or otherwise in default of this Agreement, all payments due hereunder shall be immediately due and payable. COMPANY shall be allowed to immediately collect all sums from Member and may terminate providing further services to the Member.

Medical Insurance Policy


Members Only MedSpa, LLC does not file claims with any insurance for the payment of services or medication prescribed. Furthermore, Members Only MedSpa, LLC will not file with individual insurance companies and Members cannot appeal if any of these parties are not billed.

Medication Prescriptions


Members Only MedSpa, LLC does not work with any specific medication or pharmacologic product. Members Only MedSpa, LLC. Providers reserve the right to deny care for actual or

potential misuse of the Services. There is no guarantee a prescription will be written. If a      Provider does prescribe a medication, he/she will limit supply based upon state regulations.


You agree that any prescriptions that you acquire will be solely for your personal use. You agree to thoroughly read through all provided information and labels regarding your medication and to contact a physician or pharmacist if you have any questions regarding the prescription. Your prescriptions will be sent to a pharmacy of your choosing and the COMPANY will not be responsible for any costs associated with the prescribed medication(s).


Communication Consent


Notwithstanding any current or prior election to opt in or opt out of receiving automated voice message calls and/or use of an automatic dialing device, text messages and/or emails from Members Only MedSpa, LLC, our partners, subcontractors, or any and all other companies that we may have to transfer your account to at any telephone number or email address that you have provided us or that we have otherwise obtained, which could result in charges to you. We may place such calls, texts, or emails to include, but not limited to:


  1. Notify you regarding upcoming appointments

  2. Provide confirmations and reminders

  3. Follow up and provide information pre and post visits

  4. Provide home healthcare instructions and advice

  5. Troubleshoot problems with your account

  6. Resolve a dispute

  7. Collect a debt

  8. Services and promotional offers

  9. As otherwise necessary to service your account or enforce this admissions agreement, our policies, applicable law, or any other agreement we may have with you.


The ways in which you may provide us a telephone number or email address include, but are not limited to, providing the information at account opening, adding the information to your account at a later time, providing it to one of our employees, providing it to our partners, subcontractors, or any and all other companies that we may have to transfer your account to, or by contacting us or our partners, subcontractors, or any and all other companies that we may have to transfer your account to from that phone number or email address. If a telephone number provided to us is a mobile telephone number, you consent to receive SMS or text messages at that number. Standard telephone minute and text charges may apply if we contact you.


You agree that all agreements and consents can be signed electronically and all notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such notices and other communications be in writing. You may revoke this express consent at any time terminating your membership.



Member Records


You authorize Members Only MedSpa, LLC to maintain the member records and information for services provided to you.



Member Health and Demographic Information


You represent that you are acting on behalf of yourself and for your own aesthetic treatment. You agree that any information provided to a Members Only MedSpa, LLC nurse or staff member, whether written or spoken is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that any misrepresentation may lead to inappropriate treatments, over- or under- treating, potentially dangerous side effects, violations of the law or other unintended repercussions. You agree to immediately notify Members Only MedSpa, LLC if your health condition, medical history, medication, or any other information previously presented to Members Only MedSpa, LLC changes or was incorrectly reported.


You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. Members Only MedSpa, LLC operates under state and federal regulations. The Site and/or Services provided by Members Only MedSpa, LLC are limited exclusively to its Members.



Unlimited Membership


Unlimited membership refers to the unlimited access Members have to receive treatment in a given month. There is no limit to the number of treatments a Member can receive in a given month. Members must note that certain treatments may not be available to them depending on their medical history, skin type/condition(s), or other reasons that would make the Member not qualified for certain treatments. Treatments of the same body parts or the face have recommended safe medical wait times that Members and clinicians must abide by.

Unlimited Members may book any 2 appointments at a time per calendar month. An appointment must be completed in order to book another. This controlled system is to create a fair scheduling system so all Members may be given the opportunity to book appointments each month. Members Only MedSpa, LLC reserves the right to control the scheduling system and to hold certain appointment dates and/or times with or without notice and for reasons including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Training

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Company Event

  • Holiday

  • Promotion




Members Only MedSpa, LLC (COMPANY) is committed to respecting the privacy of our Members and maintaining the confidentiality of their protected health information. When you consent to treatment at Members Only MedSpa, LLC, you consent to the use of your information as outlined in our Notice of Privacy Practices. If we decide to change our Notice, such changes will be posted on our website: You may visit our website and browse without giving us any personal information.


If you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policies or the security of your information, contact the clinic and ask for the office manager.


Notice of Privacy Practices


You may request a paper copy of this Notice of Privacy Practices


Our Pledge to You

Members Only MedSpa, LLC creates a detailed record of the treatments and services you receive at our facilities. By law, we must keep this record private. We must also give you this summary of our legal duties and privacy practices and follow them. Our policies apply to all of the records of your treatments that the COMPANY maintains.


Who Will Follow These Privacy Practices

Members Only MedSpa, LLC provides treatments and services in partnership with other agencies. These privacy practices will be followed by:

  • Any nurse and/or staff member who treats you at any of our locations

  • All board members, employees, staff, and volunteers of our organization

  • All members of our medical staff and allied health practitioners such as Member Liaisons

  • Any business associate or partner who agrees to maintain your privacy


Some Ways Your Medical Record May Be Used or Shared

We may use or share medical information about you:

  • To conduct, plan and direct your treatment and follow-up among the multiple healthcare

       providers who may be involved in your treatment directly and indirectly

  • For treatment, such as a referral to a specialist or other health care agency

  • For health care functions, such as to improve our services

  • For regulatory agencies, such as during an audit or survey of our facilities

  • With those whom you designate to be involved in your care

  • In an emergency or disaster so that your family or friends can be told where you are and

       how you are

  • When required for public health reports, abuse or neglect reports, funeral arrangements and

  • When required by law such as a request from law enforcement or a legal order

  • When required by military authorities if you are a member of the military or a veteran

  • For national security and intelligence activities, or for the protection of the President or


Other Ways That Information About You May Be Used

Unless you tell us not to, we may use information that we have about you to:

  • Remind you of an appointment

  • Recommend possible treatment options

  • Tell you about promotions and services


Uses and Disclosures That Require Your Authorization

In any other situation not covered by this notice we will get your written authorization before using or sharing your health information, including release of psychotherapy records. You may revoke any authorization in writing.


Your Rights Regarding Medical Information About You

In most cases, you may review and obtain a copy of your medical record. There may be a fee for the cost to copy and mail it. Your request must specify how or where you wish to receive your medical record. We will honor all reasonable requests.


You may ask us to correct your record if you think that it is incorrect or that key information is missing. You must put your request in writing and state the reason for your request. We cannot revise your record if the information was not created by us; or is not part of the medical record we maintain; or is not part of the record that you can review or copy or if we find out that the record is accurate.


You may get a list of when and whom we gave your medical information. Such a list would not include the permitted disclosures outlined within this notice. Your written request for such a list must state a time period; it must start after April 14, 2003, and be within six years. The first list in a 12-month period is free; other requests will include a fee for our cost to produce the list. We will inform you of the cost before we process your request.


You may ask that we communicate medical information about you in a confidential way, such as sending mail to an address other than your home. We will honor all reasonable requests. Our waiting areas and some of our treatment areas are shared with other Members. Please tell us if you object to this type of waiting or treatment areas. We will do our best to accommodate your request for privacy.


You may ask that we not use or disclose a certain part of your information as allowed by this notice unless you sign a consent form to release the information. By law, we do not have to accept such a request, but we will seriously consider it and inform you of our decision. Your request must tell us what specific information you want to limit and to whom the limits apply. You may make any of these requests in writing to the COMPANY Privacy Officer.


Changes to COMPANY Privacy Notice

We may change our privacy policies at any time. Changes will apply to prior and new medical information. Before we make major changes in our policies, we will change our Notice of Privacy Practice and post the new notice in our facilities and on our website. You can get a copy of the current privacy notice at any time. The effective date is listed just below the title.


Complaints and Appeals

You may contact the COMPANY Privacy Officer if:

You think that your privacy rights may have been violated You disagree with our decision about access to your records You disagree with our decision not to correct your record


We will not punish you in any way for filing a complaint. You may also send a written complaint to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights


Privacy Officer

Members Only MedSpa, LLC

320 Ward Ave Suite 101

Honolulu, HI 96814


Office of Civil Rights

US Department of Health and Human Services 1961 Stout Street #1428

Denver, CO 80294 (Cannot phone)

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